Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda

Anaconda capable of killing a human. There are 366 foot snake stories but most only 17 feet long. 366 foot stories are exaggerated!

In 1940s a newspaper said that an 156 foot anaconda ( 47.5 m) crash into buildings in South America. There are only 30 foot anacondas today. Because habitat lost, and they become smaller and smaller.

The anaconda can weight up to 1 ton ( 1.5 tonnes). This is the recorded weight of a 60 foot ( 18 m) anaconda. But 366 foot anaconda may be 10 ton (15 tonnes).

The anaconda can strike up to 22 feet per second. It preys on capybara, caiman, fish and frogs, pigs, deers. Capybara is the largest rodent. The capybara can grow up to 7 feet ( 2.2 m). Sometimes, over 9 feet.

Anaconda submerge and strike prey. How to strike prey? The anaconda moves behind then strikes normally 13 feet per second. It takes 6 hours to swallow a capybara whole. Anaconda normally throw one coil at first, and one coil become 2 coils, and the constriction begins.

There are 3 species of Anaconda, One: Green Anaconda. Two: Yellow Anaconda. Three: Blotched Anaconda. They are all in South America. Be careful, there are 12 deathliest predators in America. But, the anaconda is not one of them.

The Anaconda is live bearing, it lays about 40 to 50 young. Record 100 young.Normally, 20% will survive.

The Anaconda lives in lakes and rivers in rainforest.


One thought on “Green Anaconda

  1. Cool facts Brian!

    The word “Anaconda” is believe either came from a word of the Sinhalese word “Henakanday”, meaning “Thunder Snake”. Or, from the Tamil word “Anaikondran” which means “Elephant Killer”.

    In fact, according to Wikipedia, “…the Wildlife Conservation Society has, since the early 20th century, offered a large cash reward (now grown to $50,000 USD) for live delivery of any snake of 30 feet or more in length. The prize has never been claimed. Also, in a study of 1000 wild anacondas in Brazil, the largest captured was 17 feet long.”

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