Uncle Moe Handling Retics

Handling Retics

Handling Retics

wow, I learn something from Uncle Moe.


3 thoughts on “Uncle Moe Handling Retics

  1. Longest snake species in the world. But they are fairly thin compare to anaconda yeah? Because anaconda can get twice as heavy at the same length .

  2. Hey brian, glad to show you how to use a hook when hadling a python. Next we can learn how to handle hots(venemous). heheheh…

  3. Hey Moe, you r encouraging the kid buddy 🙂 First snake lesson – “How to use hook”. Second lesson – “Handling Hots”??? Man, I bet Brian won’t even hesitate to take your crash course 😉

    p/s: I’m the guy tat took these pics that day. nice to see u here 🙂

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