My Pet: Star Tortoise

Star Tortoise

Star Tortoise

I have 2 star tortoises at home. Male and female. The male is now two and a quarter inch, and female is about three and a quarter inch in length. They can grow up to 8 to 15 inches when adult. They feed on endive and pellet everyday.

They may live up to 100 years old. Even older than me!

They live in grass land and semi desert in the wild. They can form 6 inches high dooms when adult! Is it high??

They sleep up to 22 hours a day. Like koala bear. Koala bear can sleep up to 22 hours a day too, the laziest mammal!


5 thoughts on “My Pet: Star Tortoise

  1. Me too have a similar combination of a male and a female star tortoises.

    I am very worried about them, as different websites say different things about what to feed them. Though I have built a small enclosure for them, I am not sure if they like it there.

    Do they like the sun? Also, after gorging on ocra for five months, I tried to give them pellets, but some websites say pellets could spoil their shells.

    How old are you?

  2. My star tortoise is 1-1 1/2 (one to one and a half) years old. They don’t like sun! If you want to bask them in the sun, they will hide in the logs and burrows!

    They eat lettuce and endive, cabbage. Where your star tortoise came from? My star tortoise male is white and with diamond shape, and inside the diamond shape are white dots. And my female star tortoise is yellow with yellow box diamond shape.

    I am not sure where they come from?

    My star tortoise is 21/2 inches (6cm) long. The male is 21/2 inches long, and the female is 4inches (10cm) long. The male has been recorded to walk 55 feet (22 meters). But only I am not sure their scientific name

  3. My Tortoise is adorable ! Loves the sun , but likes her dark corners to sleep in , she sleeps a lot…15 hrs a day. She eats leaves , loves french beans…

    She seems pretty happy with us…we take god care of her and take her to the Vet every quarter. Also we let her roam around my house all day long and put her in a trough at night.

    Leme know if i can help with any query…

  4. Hmm… for mine… I think my male is larger than the female… the male looks more healthier than the female. The female underneath shell is soft, dunno why.

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