Red Tailed Boa

Red Tailed Boa’s average adult length is about 6 feet 6 inches ( equivalent to 2 m ). This one I think is about 4 feet ( 1.2 m).

It is from South America. Habitat: South American’s rain forest. It lives in forested areas up to 2000 m ( equivalent to 6,660 feet 6 inches ). Or some lives up to 2,500 meter ( equivalent to 8000 feet ). It preys on squirrels, monkeys, rats, birds. It eats a rat before this, I coiled along me, it think I am it’s food. I was not scared about that.

People seen red tailed boas grow to 9 feet 10 inches ( 3 m), and killed human. Aunty Maya told me.

The hatchlings are about 12 to 30 cm long ( 4 inches to 1 feet long).


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