This is Clouded Monitor Lizard

I saw this wild monitor lizard in aunty Maya’s gathering.

It’s hungry and fast to strike on a rat! It can strike at 6 inches per second and swallow the rat. It takes about 20 minutes to swallow the rat whole into the monitor’s stomach.


5 thoughts on “This is Clouded Monitor Lizard

  1. Clouded monitor lizards can reach up to 1.5 metres. This one seems like an young adult Brian. They are known to mainly feed on beetles and insects around leaf litter. It is amazing to see how it swallow that mice!

  2. 1. These monitor lizards can reach a length of 175 cm ( 1.75meters long )
    2. These monitor lizards can run up to 10 mph ( 23kph ) you can run only at 20 mph ( 36kph ) I can run at speeds of up to 26mph ( 38 kph )
    3. But the fastest Peregrine Falcon was once recorded speeds at 280 kph ( 200 mph ) some can reach a maximum speed of 250 mph ( 340 kph ).
    4. The Fastest cheetah can be up to 80mph ( 150kph ). Is that fast ?
    5. The monitors are fast, but Perentie can speed up to 12mph ( 23 kph ) sand monitors can speed to 12 1/2 mph ( 23 3/4 kph ).

  3. Hey Brian. I like your blog especially with all these herp pics in it with all these details, descriptions and infos. Man, where u get all these infos? it’s very impresive. However, I didn’t know u guys recorded my monitor eating.. Nice video. But just one correction, it’s a mangrove monitor. Varanus Indicus.

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