The Green Anaconda is the largest snake. It can weight to 2,215lb ( 1 tonnes ) it can grow to 17ft ( 5m ) in length. That is the length of 1.9 cars. This is the longest boa. It lives in the Amazon that is 4,000m ( 6,565 k ).

The Anaconda world’s largest snake. Can weight as much as ¼ tonnes or more. The Giant Anaconda can be 20ft ( 6m ) in length. The Anaconda rivals a Reticulated Python for the longest snake.

There are stories of 100-300ft monsters in 1929. But these are exaggerations in 1929.

What they eat?

They eat capybaras, caimans, stoking birds, iguanas, rabbits.

Capture by Austin Stevens and Nigel Marven and many more.   

You could find the Green Anaconda in the North of South America.You could find the Yellow Anaconda in the swamps of South America. And you can find the Blotched Anaconda in the same places of the Yellow Anaconda.

Breeding : Live Bearing: 34 young. And only 2-10 % of their young will survive.



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  1. Well, whole search parties have disappeared in the Amazon jungle and the river is so big and dark that they often find new species of fish even now so how big a snake might be is only a guess unless they wash up dead.

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