Animal Records

fastest land animal- cheetah


The Peregrine Falcon can reach a max . speed of 250m/hr ( 385 km/hr )

The Black Mamba is the fastest snake. It can moves at 23m/hr ( 49 km/hr )

The Snail must crawl to 33 hours to reach 1 mile. You could do that in 20 minutes.

The Biggest egg is from the Ostrich. It can be 24 times bigger than the Chicken’s.

The fastest land animal is the cheetah. It can run nearly 75 m/hr ( 121 km/hr ).

The largest lizard is the Komodo Dragon. It can weight to 190 lb ( 99kg ).

The largest snake is the Anaconda. It can grow to 20ft 6m ). There are stories of 100ft monsters in 1900.

The Gaboon Viper’s fangs are 1 ½ in ( 4cm ) long. It could inject 45 % of it’s venom.

The smallest bird is 64mm ( 1.2 in ) long. And weight to only 1.9 lb ( 0.002kg ).

The smallest creature is only 7.9mm ( 0.00007 in ) long.


One thought on “Animal Records

  1. Let me tell you one for crocodiles and relatives
    Saltwater-may potentially reach 30ft 2tons
    Nile-21ft 3,000 pounds
    American-22ft heavy ton
    Black Caiman-second largest crocodilian can get 25ft and weigh maby 3,000 pounds
    Orinoco-23ft 880 pounds
    American Alligator-19ft 1,000 pounds

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