Black Mamba, Most Venoumous Snake


The Black Mamba can be the fastest snake.

Some records of seeing mambas going 18 or even 20 miles an hour, but I am not sure.

The Black Mamba’s fangs are 7mm long ( 0.7cm ) long. And there are about 56-98 grams of venom.

It can strike nearly 10ft ( 3m ) per second. And at a time it injects about 21 grams of venom.

The Black Mamba’s teeth are 1.9mm ( 0.19cm ) long.The Black Mamba can grow to 9-14ft ( 2.8-3.5m ) in length. But the baby’s of the Black Mamba are only 3ft ( 1m ) long, when they are 2 days old. 


4 thoughts on “Black Mamba, Most Venoumous Snake

  1. I was indeed impressed after seeing an documentary on the Black Mambas in the discovery channel. Decided to document some of it in my blog. I think they are the fastest snakes, and most poisonous snakes in Africa.

    Destination Infinity.

  2. “Mamba are only 3ft ( 1m ) long, when they are 2 days old” Impossible surely they would be shedding every 30 minutes. I am sure more like 1m in a year. Are they fully grown (3.5m) in a month? As a South African, no way in my book.

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