Long enough to kill human? What is that?


The Giant African Python is the most powerful/longest snake in Africa.

The Giant African Python can kill a Springbok at 5ft and the giant African is 23ft ( 7m ). They can grow to 23ft ( 7m )

An adult human being is only 5ft ( 1.4m ).

The giant African Python are know to kill a springbok and does not eat for 1 year.

Did you know the giant python can kill you if it wants to kill you.

The Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world records of 32ft ( 9.9m )

There are stories of 32ft ( 9.9m ) specimen of the Rainforest of South east Asia, The Giant Reticulated Python is know to kill an human being,

Now you can only find a 23ft ( 7m ) specimen in the Rain forest,

you might just came to the Reticulated Python and get eaten by the Reticulated Python.

The Giant Reticulated normally stays up to 20ft ( 6m ) long.

The Reticulated Python also know as Regal Python.

The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. It can weight up to 660 lb ( 300kg )and records of 62ft ( 18.9m ) giant anacondas or stories of 100ft ( 30m ) monsters.

Many people had been eaten by anacondas. But most of the stories are untrue

The Anaconda can eat Capybara, caimans and other Anacondas.

The Monster Anaconda earns the record the longest of all animals 366ft ( 112m ). But you can also be swallow whole by the ultimate predator the Anaconda. There are three types of Anaconda :

1st Green Anaconda

2nd Yellow anaconda

3rd Blotched Anaconda.


54 thoughts on “Long enough to kill human? What is that?

  1. Look I was going to be a bit rude, but i decided not too because people often believe things they shouldn’t about pythons, firstly, the reticulated python and green anaconda are both in the running for the longest snake species, but the green anaconda has got everything thrashed weight wise, up to 300kg, the reticulated python is around 150kg, but they tend to be slightly longer on average. can a python eat a man? short answer yes, but it would have to be a fully matured snake. and there is no such thing as a monster anaconda at 112m length, if you scale it up it would be as thick as a car… now that would be pretty hard to miss even in the amazon

  2. The anaconda does not grow up to 100ft long or 366ft long if you want to have a website like this get your facts strait the reticulated python is the biggest snake in the world and if you don’t believe me check the record books because I have two record books and they say the reticulated python is the largest snake in the world.

  3. Yes, the reticulated python is the longest known snake in the world and the anaconda is the largest known meaning it’s heavier. Anacondas average no more than 30 feet and the reticulated python averages 30-35 feet Clearly there is no such thing as a 366 foot snake….that is ridiculous!

  4. Anacondas measure at the most 31.4 to 33.5 feet long although there are unconfirmed reports of some exceeding 40 to 49 feet and tales of snakes 140ft long.These snakes may weigh 550 pounds.

  5. Tales of anacondas 140 feet are complete exaggerations so a 366 foot snake is an outright impossobility at most these snakes for the longest would probably get 60 feet long maby 62 feet.

  6. Right now I’am going to put the African rock Python and Green anaconda’s max legendary sizes at 40ft for the African rock and green anaconda 40 to 50ft long.

  7. Ok, Python Longest, Green anaconda Heaviest. Leave it alone, a snake reaching 40ft is an amazing and astounding achievement because man would find and probabilly kill it before it got there. So it is possible that there are snakes out there up to 40ft but i really doupt it, and it would be a freak incodent, not to be regularly repeated.

  8. Let me name the other largest reptiles
    Saltwater Crocodile-23 to 30 feet (7 to 9m)2 tonnes
    Komodo Dragon-6 to 10 feet (2 to 3 m) 330 pounds
    Crocodile Monitor-12 to 15 feet (4 to 5 m) 200 pounds

  9. Green Anacondas get 131ft and weigh 5 tons although the average is 60ft 1 ton., goddamn boy what do they eat

  10. Anacondas may get 30+ feet but such speciemens are exremly rare.Today your average sized anaconda is usally 16 to 20 feet long.

  11. the african jackalope “half jack rabbit & half antelope of the interior manatope region reaches sizes of 18-30 feet tall & weight between 6 to 37 tons each although the 37 ton ones, are quite unusual & tend to be caught by the cannabalistic native tribes when they are able to. althought they only eat the white meat.

  12. — Quote —
    Timmo Says:
    May 6, 2008 at 12:08 am
    Green Anacondas get 131ft and weigh 5 tons although the average is 60ft 1 ton.
    — Quote —

    In your dreams Timmo!!

    The Green is said to average 18 to 20 ft., with 25 feet being very rare, however a study of 1,000 green anacondas captured in South America resulted in the largest being 17 feet long, and 100 pounds. In fact the Wildlife Cnoservation Society has been offering a reward (currently around $50,000 US), for almost 100 years, for delivery of an anaconda of 30 feet long or more, and that reward is still unclaimed.

  13. The Size a anaconda can reach is the subject of debate with snakes reportedly ranging from 40 to 150 feet long. Although in more scientific terms your average green anaconda is usually about 15 to 17 feet long with specimens 25 to 30 feet being exremly rare so ha your both wrong and a anaconda 131 feet would become crushed under such weighs and Kmmooz the largest captive anaconda being 27 feet is atleast 2 feet longer than your estimate.

  14. Just so you guys know, 1 ton is 2000 pounds. So a 5 tons snake would weight 10 000 pounds. Could you imagine the mark it would leave on the ground. Anacondas spend most of their time in the water because they are so heavy… a snake that big would raise the level of the amazone river by a foot when it goes in. Maybe one was in a tree and when it felt in the water, that caused the tsunami that killed so many people in indonesia a few years ago. What does it eats anyways, others snakes that are only 8000 pounds?? I’d like to see a turd from a snake like that. You don’t step in it, you step on it.

  15. The green anaconda has been known to average 14-16 feet (4-5 meters). With specimens 25-30 feet(7.6-9 meters)being exremly rare.Tales,stories,sightings,photographs,skins and the sightings coming from scientists,natives,explorers,rubber pickers,and hunters seem to point out a very strong possibility of there being much longer anacondas.Okay where not talking about a 150 feet (50 meter) long snake weighing 4 or 5 tons I am talking about more realistic lengths of of smaller but huge sizes. Like 36-45 or even 50 or occasionally 60 feet (from 11 to 18 meters long. Personally I believe these exist or existed beacuse even if snakes of these sizes existed it is likley due to hunting that there little or no left.But South America is the continent with the most mysteries. And the size of some of it’s unexplorerd regions means that even a 60 feet(18 meter) snake weighing probably 1500-2200 pounds could exist here.

  16. Also Africa which also known as the dark continent has some of the biggest unexplored regions could deffinetly have some exremly large African rock pythons suppressing 50 feet(15 meter) long. Snakes of this size would not only be huge but it could explain some of the tales of the dinosaurs such as the Mokele Mbembe. A creature said to resemble a sauropod a dinosaur that has a long SNAKE like neck.

  17. It is said that in 100 years or so escaped pythons such as the ones in Florida may be found threw out the whole USA.And those snakes are burmese and retics the burmese python is huge it can reach 20-25ft and weigh 230 pounds and can certainly pose a threat to humans. The reticulated python is the worst it is not only the longest snake in the world it has eaten the most people out of all the big snakes and it is the only snake that would really consider a human natural prey besides the African rock python. The reticulated python can reach 28-32ft9.5 inches long and weigh 440 pounds.

  18. 1.Type in the website.
    2.Click on deserts.
    3.Click on Desert Animals on the left.
    4.Click on a reptile.
    I like this website because when I teach my 5th Grade class,they can go to this website for info because they are doing a science project about different kinds of ecosystems.

  19. A scientist said once that a anaconda 5 tons would have to be 150m long or 450ft but the truth is a snake that long would weigh no less than 45 tons.But a snake that big would wast to much time getting that big and it would crushed under it’s own wait.

  20. Anacondas are among some of the longest animals on land with specimens in excess of 30-foot being recorded. However there is strong evidence to suggest that there may be bigger anacondas out there. An explorer found a snake rib 3 feet long which means the snake it came from would be 150-foot long.There are reports of natives and white men seeing snakes 50-60-foot long.Evidence for these monsters includes skins,slide marks 6-foot wide which are nearly impossible to be hoaxed, an area which is remote enough to contain such monsters and thousands among thousands of sightings.Although there are probably only four to six giant anacondas and thousands of small normal sized ones.

  21. ok so just wondering what the beep is that ??????? and that \s a snake right???? wow big one well gotta take my contemporary living final jaja jk just took it byeee=]

  22. You guys are out of your minds… The largest snake in the world is a Reticulated Python found in Sumatran rainforests in Indonesia, measuring 49ft. No Anaconda over 30ft has ever been measured although stories of them exist. Stories people.. I hope nobody reading this thread actually believes for any reason whatsoever that there are 100ft+ snakes out there anywhere.. None of this information is hard to find.. all you need is a computer and an internet connection which you people obviously have.. Use Google for christs sakes..

  23. I have a very interesting question to ask. See on wikipidea it says that green anacondas can get up to 23 feet long although it is sometimes changed to 29ft but still any way it says reticulated pythons can get over 28.5 feet long. Now when I looked up largest organisms on wikpedia it said that The largest anaconda on record was 31 feet long and that the largest Reticulated Python was 33 feet long. Now is what they are saying is that 23 ft and 28 ft are normal max sizes for these animals or something else if so what ?I need an answer for this.

  24. Sorry about my rescent claims of anacondas reaching 28-30ft long and weighing only 450 pounds but after doing some research I have found that despite how many people say the anaconda can reach 28 feet or even 30 feet the truth is THERE ARE NO SUCH ANACONDAS AND I MEAN NO SUCH ANACONDAS DEPOSITED IN ANY MUSEUMS AROUND THE WORLD. THE OFFICIAL RECORD LENGTHS ARE 23-25 feet AND 550 POUNDS.ITS TIME TO MAKE SOME THINGS CLEAR NO ANACONDAS LONGER THAN 25 FEET HAVE EVER BEEN RELIABLY MEASURED OR RECORDED.

  25. Snakes are wonderful creatures but even more wonderful is their creator, JEHOVAH GOD. He deserves our praise (Rev 4:11)

  26. This entry is so badly-written that I wasn’t entirely sure of what it was even trying to say. But at all events, while female green anacondas and reticulated pythons are certainly capable of killing humans, they seldom do so, because attempting to eat us would be far more trouble than it would be worth. Our shoulders make the task too difficult.

    Please have a native speaker of English proofread your blog entries if you’re going to write in English. It will make the entries far easier to understand.

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