Perentie Lizard


The Perentie Lizard is the largest and longest lizard in Australia. It can weight to 340lb ( 189kg ). It grows to a length of 7ft ( 2.1m ) long.

There are only 45 left in the wild. It feeds on kangaroos.


3 thoughts on “Perentie Lizard

  1. Wow you just fully made all that up. There’s no way it get’s that heavy and it eats insects, birds eggs and other reptiles.

  2. Great blog Brian but Hehe is right about what the Perentie eats and they don’t get that big. And you won’t find it eating a kangaroo! Also there are 1000s of them in the wild where they are common in the desert. The original Australians roast them on a fire and they are good to eat with tastey white meat
    Great website you have. I wish you well

  3. Saw a 4 foot one on the coast road near Exmouth ..he was pretty cool, and had a purply blue throat
    Cheers 27.3.11

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