Snakes don’t in search of people, they only bites defensively.

But 5,000,000 people are bitten each year by snakes. In India alone 12,000 Bites every year from cobras and kraits.

There are 2,900 snakes in the world. 400-700 are venomous. But 50-14o are mildly venomous. The largest snake is known as the anaconda. It can reach nearly 9 meters. And weight as much as 200 kilograms, the Reticulated python can weight up to 300 or 600 pounds or more. And weight more than 150 kilograms, and also know to be up 210 kilograms. The anaconda record is up to 320 kilograms, = 496-700 pounds,

The Anaconda is known to grow over 45 Meters, and weight up to 1,200 pounds. 700-900 kilograms. 130-270 kg. 660 – 1,300 lb


118 thoughts on “Snakes

      1. i have a snake at home its an anocoda my name is Rosha i am 5 years old and i love snakes cause i hav one of my own

      1. simba,
        the ball python is the most common pet snake and can be found at a local pet store if you would like to learn about/buy ball python morphs google search constrictors unlimited and click on the first link

  1. Umm… yeah… change it to 45 feet, not 45 meters. 45 meters is over a hundred feet, actually it’s 135 feet long.
    Besides that cool pick.

    Oh and that is several snakes… not one.

  2. I find snakes to be the most coolest out of all the Reptiles in the world, especialy from all that I’v seen for some of their history. It is also amazing about what they have for a diet.

  3. i think that if that is realy one snake and just not all in on snake it is tha longest ever and it is the devil thats why people should always beleave in god always cause he is coming soon than ever so if u dont want to beleave me u will probably done somthing so bad that got u from stop beleaving in god and that thing would have to be satin oh he temps u to do bad things but all i am saying is that please beleave in god u can make to heaven bye just making a chane bye praying night and day lol thats night and morning and before every meal later……………..

    1. Casey, Snakes bite for the same reasons any other animal would, in defense of themselves, or to overcome and subdue a prey animal. Some species of snakes are more likely to bite than others to defend themselves and some are more likely to slither away. I have had pet snakes over many years and most would never bite or even act defensively. Just be careful around snakes and remember that if you see one in the wild that you are basically in their house and be respectful of that and leave them alone especially if you do not know what kind of snake it is.

  4. excuse me but that is NOT, one snake i can see like 3 head’s alone..
    awesome picture though,
    i would hate to be in that position but!!

  5. i agree one hundred percent snakes only bite if the have to cotton mouths only bite 46% of the times u touch them there was a study done

  6. OMG!!!I love snakes,I don’t have one but my friend does,I am 9 years old and I was also bitten by one.I love how they feel like so cold and has tons of mini scales.My teacher is really scared of them so when I told him my friend had 6 snakes he freaked out, it was so funny! If you don’t like snakes please put a smile (: D) on the bottom of your comment. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hey marrisa carefull getting a ball python, make sure u get one thats nice unlike the one i touched, he bit me and wouldnt let go

  8. I think it wrong because the way it is and the way it formed .I think it should be delete because it don’t think it should show on www. CAN U GET IT NO.

  9. thats lots of snakes not 1 snake no snake is that long i love snakes snakes r the coolest animals in the world i had a california kingsnake but it broke out of its cage im getting a new snake on may 21 22 or 23 2010 snakes are the best animals EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. virtually nothing there is true at all. people are stupid and misunderstand the truth of snakes. people should grow up a little and learn something before they get unrealistic statistics.

  11. I want 2 see a snake in real,that means right opposite me. i would like to study it keenly,but at the same time i m afraid of it.plz send more pics of snake on my mail.

  12. how does a snake eat and then have a shit,can eny one please help me understand this matter about a snake?please!!!!!!!

  13. i love snakes………if we are harming it snakes are harmless……they are adorable……..the divine creation…….we need to learn lot of things from snake………before harming any one snake will hiss… will not bite directly…….it will give a warning…….Hiss Not bite

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