The World of Snakes


The Boomslang kill 1-2 people in a year. Although it is only 4ft 11in -7ft ( 1.5 – 2.1m ) long. It’s hatchlings are just ½ ft long ( 16cm ) long.

The Boomslang feeds on chameleons and small snakes up to 6in ( 16cm ). It also preys on small lizards only 4in ( 10cm ) long. It’s recorded length is 8ft ( 2.4m ) long. It’s smallest babies are 3 ¼ in ( 8cm ) long.



The Puff Adder is only 3ft 3in or 2ft. But every year it bites 120 people. You could find these snakes in dry and semi woodlands. It preys on 3in ( 8.7cm ) mice. It’s recoded length is 5ft ( 1.5m ) just as long as Malaysian humans. It lives in Africa.



The Anaconda can weight to half an tonne. It may grow to 33ft ( 10.6m ) long.

It feeds on capybara and caimans. It has been record up to 366f6.6666666666in ( 36.6666666666666666 cars ). That is about 257 humans ( 24houses ).The smallest anaconda is 8-12ft long. It’s babies are just 2ft (.6m ) long. They leave their mother in 3 ¾ hours.


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