Venomous and Non Venomous Snakes


Non- venomous

Western diamondback

Giant Reticulated Python

Savanna twig snake

Green Anaconda

Gaboon viper

Golden Burmese Python

Puff Adder

Green Tree Python

White Lipped Pit Viper

Red Tailed Rat snake

Pope’s Pit viper

Green Tree Racer

Black Mamba

Yellow Anaconda

Eastern Diamondback

Albino Burmese python

Green Mamba ( west east )

Common House snake

Egyptian Cobra

Green Bush snakes ( green )

Red Spitting Cobra

Emerald Tree Boa

King Cobra

Yellow bushsnakes


Eastern Rat snake

Southern Rattlesnake

Common Rat

Northern Rattle snake

African rock python

Casterbel or neotropical rattle

Burmese Rock python

Coral Snake

Green Tree Snake



Common Twig Snake

Flying Snake

Eastern Coral Snake

Western Indian thread snake

Mildly venomous – hog nose

Mangrove snake

Cape cobra

Amethystine python 

Sea snake

Braminy blind snake

Cottonmouth or water mocasin

Golden Flying

Sahara Viper

Red mountain racer

Green Tree viper

Common Flying snake


Black Headed Python

Sand Viper

Lorila Forest Snake

Western Tiger snake

Pygmy Python


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