World Tallest and Smallest Animal


The Giraffe could stand to 6m (19ft 8in) high. It feeds on tall tress up to 6.2m (21ft).It’s tongue are also 18in (45cm) from its mouth. It can eat trees that are 7m (23ft). It’s neck is 10ft (3m) long.



The Bumblebee Bat weights to 1 ¼ g ( 1/18oz ). And its wingspan is 6in (150mm) (15cm) long. Smaller than a Giraffe’s tongue.


7 thoughts on “World Tallest and Smallest Animal

  1. Giraffes seem prehistoric, it’s so fortunate they still exist.

    The teensy heartmelting bat has such an expressive, defined face for something that small. One could bawl over how infinitely vulnerable it is. To extinction, especially, I hate to think about it. Well at least they aren’t extinct yet, that’s the good part!

  2. Actually, insects, arachnids (spiders), and other “bugs” are scientifically classified as animals also, so neither the monkey nor the bat are really the smallest…

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