West Indian Thread Snake


The world’s smallest snake lives in India which is the West Indian Thread Snake.

Five or six centimeters long.


31 thoughts on “West Indian Thread Snake

  1. We live in Glendale,Az and there is a thread snake that lives in our front yard. Wonder how it got here. My mom wants it gone.

  2. I found a snake just like that in Tucson, AZ 15 yrs ago. Found him while digging in the yard. He didn’t seem to like being exposed to sunlight-started flipping around like a jumping bean. Haven’t seen anything like it until this photo. I think he could compete for this world record —for any snake lovers/hunters in Tucson!

  3. Hi just to let you know guyz that we’ev found the worlds smallest snake in Thane Nallasopara. Will update the photograph very soon.

  4. hey im gettin a snake mabey yall can help me find a good petsnakes
    (: it would be funn to come and read your ideas until i get the rightj onke (:

  5. hey that is very kwel
    and yay in gettin a snake
    in a couple of dys so
    ya yall should comment me and gve me ideas
    of wat snake to ge
    cause i ahve no clue i just know i want to
    and i think i want one of thoooooosseeeee (:
    they are ver cute

  6. are those poisonous because i was just bit by one like 10 minutes ago. yes im stupid i thought it was an earth worm because my brother kept on telling me its a worm but i saw it as a snake so i grabed it and it bit me on my hand next to my vain.

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