Leaf Frog

Habitat: Forest floor, floors of mountain rainforest.

When the prey come pass, the horn frog will sprint to eat.

Food: lizards, scorpions

Size: male 7.6-10.2 cm female: 12.7 cm

Leaf frogs are native to Malaysia and Borneo. I found this in Cameron Highlands!


Cat Gecko

The cat gecko is found in the countries of Malaysia and Singapore.

The cat gecko is a lightly built gecko.

size: 17.5 cm (7 inches). The cat gecko has no toe pads, but have claws.

habitat: arboreal and found in cool humid rainforest. I found this one in Cameron Highlands!

Green Crested Lizard

Size: 550mm, with a long hanging tail

The dorsal area is colored from light green to dark green. The underside of the lizard is yellowish to white under the chin. The scales of the green crested lizard are hard and strong.

Habitat: low bushes, dense trees and gardens

Food: moths and butterflies, dragonflies flies.

the green crested lizard lays it’s eggs in loose earth, sand or humus.

Beaufort Scale.


The Beaufort Scale is devised by Admiral Beaufort of the British Royal Navy.

0. Calm

1. Light Air

2. Light Breeze

3. Gentle Breeze

4. Moderate Breeze

5. Fresh Breeze

6. Strong Breeze

7. Moderate Gale

8. Fresh Gale

9. Strong Gale

10. Storm

11. Violent Storm

12. Hurricane.

When the weatherperson says force” 9”on the Beaufort Scale you know they mean a Strong Gale.

Hurricanes can pull up trees.

Some of the deadliest and longest snakes in Australia


In Australia there is a snake so deadly, that it could kill 12 people in even one bite, that is the death adder. They lived in scrub land trough out Australia. The Death Adder kills 20 people a year. It is only 5feet (1.5m) long.

The longest snake in the Australians is the Amethystine Python (Morelia Amethistina). The Amethystine Python can grow to 27feet long and weigh 80kg (178lb). They lived in deep forest areas up to 4,000meters (13,100feet) high. It can eat a pig.

Interesting Snake Facts


There are 2,700 species of snake in the world. They come in 2,000 ways & colors.

There are snakes that lived 16,500feet (5,000meters) up in the mountains.

There are 100 species of dangerous & venomous snakes that can kill you.

The Giant Python could grow to 20feet (6meter). But 188 species are known to kill a human being.

There are 400 species of venomous snake. 235 of them can’t kill you.

In the pools the Anaconda can swim very well. They can strike up 23feet (7meters) per second. Imagine I can only strike 4feet (1.2meter) per second.

The Black Mamba can move at speeds of 18mph (24kph).

You don’t think the sidewinder is slow. It can move at 16-20kph (12-14mph). The Green Mamba can also move at 19- 21kph (13-15mph).

The Slowest snake is the Rough Scaled snake ( a kind of tiger snake) it moves at 3-7kph (1-3mph).

The Yellow Rat snake can be 7feet (2.1meters) long.

The African Python grew to 7.8meters (25feet 8inch). The record length of African Pythons is 9.78meters (31feet) long. But the Green Anaconda which weighs 400kilograms (900pounds) record length is 12.2meters (37feet 4inches).

The world’s longest snake goes to Reticulated Python it can grow to an amazing 17.8meters (59feet 2inches). But true stories of 190feet (53meters) anaconda from the wild heart of Amazon Basin.

The Puff Adder 1 kind of venomous snake, can strikes 3/4 times a second (18feet per second).

Amazing stories of whales.


There are 35 species of whales in the world, but the Blue Whale is the largest. An adult female can grow to 108feet (32.5meters).

The Sperm Whale dives to 7,283 feet (2,123meters). 6 times as tall as the New York Empire State Building, but the Sperm whale can weight 70tonnes.

The Dwarf Sperm Whale is the smallest of whales. It is 9feet (2.8meters) in length.

Even So, the Humpback Whale can weight 37tonnes and grow to 33feet (10meters) in length.

The Minke Whale grow to 29feet (8.9meters), but it weighs 21tonnes.

The Dwarf Sperm Whale has a weight of 277-399lb (99-178kilograms).

The Fin Whale is the second largest whale. The Fin Whale can grow to 88feet (22meters) and weigh 90tonnes.

The Blue Whale is the largest whale, but fin whales can sometimes reach a speed of 19m/ph 30kp/h.

The Killer Whale can swim more than 50kph (22-33mph).

The Dolphins can swim to 80kph (50mph) but only the fastest recorded can reach.

The Bowhead Whale can break trough ice that is 8inches (20cm) thick.

When Blue Whale calls for mating, it can be heard by other whales 625miles (1,000kilometers) away (180 disciples).

Giant Sperm whales reach a length of 68feet.

These are the amazing stories of whales!