Amazing stories of whales.


There are 35 species of whales in the world, but the Blue Whale is the largest. An adult female can grow to 108feet (32.5meters).

The Sperm Whale dives to 7,283 feet (2,123meters). 6 times as tall as the New York Empire State Building, but the Sperm whale can weight 70tonnes.

The Dwarf Sperm Whale is the smallest of whales. It is 9feet (2.8meters) in length.

Even So, the Humpback Whale can weight 37tonnes and grow to 33feet (10meters) in length.

The Minke Whale grow to 29feet (8.9meters), but it weighs 21tonnes.

The Dwarf Sperm Whale has a weight of 277-399lb (99-178kilograms).

The Fin Whale is the second largest whale. The Fin Whale can grow to 88feet (22meters) and weigh 90tonnes.

The Blue Whale is the largest whale, but fin whales can sometimes reach a speed of 19m/ph 30kp/h.

The Killer Whale can swim more than 50kph (22-33mph).

The Dolphins can swim to 80kph (50mph) but only the fastest recorded can reach.

The Bowhead Whale can break trough ice that is 8inches (20cm) thick.

When Blue Whale calls for mating, it can be heard by other whales 625miles (1,000kilometers) away (180 disciples).

Giant Sperm whales reach a length of 68feet.

These are the amazing stories of whales!


2 thoughts on “Amazing stories of whales.

  1. Hi Brian,

    Extremely interesting information. Where does one get to access the image of whales you ahve posted above ? My son is passionate about whales and a Print of the above would eb something he would love to have up on his room.

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