Amazing Turtles

Galapagos Tortois


The longest living tortoise lives for 200years. It is the Galapagos Tortoise.

The Malayan soft shell turtle grows to 2 ½ ft (0.74m) long.

The Leather back sea turtle grows to 6ft7in (2.08m) long.

But what is the smallest turtle? It is the musk turtle which only grows to 3.7in (9.05cm) long.

The fastest living turtle can run with its legs up to 18kph (11.7mph).

The Red eared terrapin can be yellow or green. It lays eggs in shallow water of 2-3feet (0.67-0.89m).

But the green sea turtle can dive at 12,213feet deep(3,672meters). It travels and migrates over 700miles (1,200kilometers).

The Galapagos Tortoise can drink up to 7litters (7000millilitters of water). The Galapagos Tortoise weight at 266kilograms (569lb).

Turtles live long.


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