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Woohoo, the little guy is on the twig now.

It is amazing to see, but be careful, because these lizards can bite. Got teeth, can bite.

Ha! I got bitten by the Common Lizard, it was so painful. It bite me only 1 mili-second, It was a cut.

I pull  away quickly, so my finger don’t have any blood coming out.


A Little Guy

Yesterday we caught this common garden lizard in the bush near our house. At 8:47 in the morning.

We put it in a tank with natural habitat. See the moss, twig, coconut shell, plant, are they all great?

Yesterday, he eats four and a half meal worms. This morning I see half a meal worm left in the tank!

Mueller’s Blind Snake

This is the Mueller’s Blind Snake- a small snake.

The Mueller’s Blind Snake can grow to a length of 6-19 inches and weights about 200 gram, this one is 6 inches ( 15 cm) long. They’ve a short head.

Their eyes are visible, so they are not 100% burrowing. The Mueller’s Blind Snake range from all of South East Asia and lives in tropical gardens and forest.

This one was found by me under a plank. They eat ants, termites, their eggs, pupas and larvaes.

Their bellies are yellow and Brahminy’s has white bellies. The Brahminy Blind Snake is black, and the Mueller’s Blind Snake is pinkish brown.

Burmese Python

This snake is about 4.5 feet ( 1.3 m). This is an juvenile Burmese Python. There are stories of people take a 6.4 meter ( equivalent to 21 feet) Burmese Python as pet.

The Burmese Python record length is 48 feet ( 14.5 m). We can find Burmese Python in South Central Asia. The Burmese Python feeds on pigs, deers, and monkeys. The Burmese Python can be up to 50 kg ( 110 pounds). This is average adult weight.

The Burmese Python is the 4th longest snake in the world. Reticulated Python, Green Anaconda, and Amethystine Pythons are longer. Amethystine Python can grow to a length of 27 foot ( 8.3 meter). The Burmese Python normally record length is 23 feet ( 7 m).

It leaves in marches and wet bushes. It is one of the most heavy snake in the world, but not world’s heaviest snake. The world heaviest snake is the anaconda. The anaconda can weight up to 250 kg ( 550 pounds).

The Burmese Python lays about 50 eggs. This is average, and the record goes to 72 eggs or more per litter.