How To Find Brahminy Blind Snake

find flower pot snake

This is how I find my Brahminy Blind Snakes, usually they like to hide under rocks, flower pots and rotten woods.


4 thoughts on “How To Find Brahminy Blind Snake

  1. I believe I can find the Brahiminy Blind Snake very easily here in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii. I have found 4 in the last week and really only looked for them for about 1/2 hour total. 2 were under the same small piece of old plywood in a vacant lot covered with Ohia Trees. One was under a log and one was under a rock. The one under the rock was 1 miles from the coast in a subdivision called HPP, the other 3 were in a subdivision called Orchidland about 4 miles from the ocean. People i showed them to still thought they were worms until they saw the tongue flicker. And people say there is no snakes in Hawaii. Aloha

  2. Wow, you’re really lucky to find so many!
    I’ve only seen 1, and it was dead.

    Are they native to all the Hawaiian Islands, or
    only the Big Island and Maui?

    Can’t seem to find one in Oahu.

  3. actually i live in florida and i caught one yesterday. I thought it was a worm but the tongue flickered and it moved too fast and i looked under a magnifying glass and saw scales. i named him eddy and released him. HE WAS SO CUTE!

  4. I always find Brahminy Blind Snakes under flower pots and rocks here in my home in Laguna, Philippines. I remember that I kept some Brahminy blind snakes as my pets, which always freaked out my mother because she thought that they are venomous.

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