Mueller’s Blind Snake

This is the Mueller’s Blind Snake- a small snake.

The Mueller’s Blind Snake can grow to a length of 6-19 inches and weights about 200 gram, this one is 6 inches ( 15 cm) long. They’ve a short head.

Their eyes are visible, so they are not 100% burrowing. The Mueller’s Blind Snake range from all of South East Asia and lives in tropical gardens and forest.

This one was found by me under a plank. They eat ants, termites, their eggs, pupas and larvaes.

Their bellies are yellow and Brahminy’s has white bellies. The Brahminy Blind Snake is black, and the Mueller’s Blind Snake is pinkish brown.


One thought on “Mueller’s Blind Snake

  1. Hey Brian, the Mueller’s looks a bit like the Brahminy yea? But definitely longer. I love this one! You must be extremely lucky to have found this little snake 🙂 Congratulation!

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