My New Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

This is my new golden tree frog.

This is a on a leaf, its my pet. It has worms and crickets for food.

The golden tree frogs adult length is 2 inches. This one not yet reach adulthood. It jumps 7 feet in one leap.

Whooo-woo, we have a good habitat with moss and we spray the habitat, and put a bowl of water for it.


10 thoughts on “My New Golden Tree Frog

  1. How wonderful that you found a frog in your own backyard. I got my frog from the classroom I work at. One day miss Nancy brought a pail full of tadpoles. When the school year was done back in June, 2008. Now we have a tree frog of the size of 1 cm.

  2. hi there so did you catch this as a frog or have you raised it from a tadpole if raised how long did it take for the little guy to grow feet?

  3. I started a outdoor semi hydroponc vegatable garden and ome tree frog with a very trusting attitude with e keeps laying eggs in thee so now I have 10000’s of tadpoles and baby tree s living in y hydroponic vats.. I dont think thats a bad thing .. they cut back on the mosquitos here in fla.. If they become A nuisance I’ll move thm into the wildlife refuge about 5 miles away from here.. Not all of them though ..

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