Devonian to late Carboniferous 300mya

Now, Our ancestor Hynerpeton are about to face one of the most challenging things, to escape Hyneria a five (5) meter long carnivrous fish. Face to face with one or two in a lake. They have to escape, but, but, but, they are slow, much slower than their ancestor fish also our ancestor, they run at 7mph, but there are now no sea scorpions, they are evolving on land, and are now small, 1inch, so it became our ancestor amphibian prey, hahaha! They were going to face a high oxygen time, and Devonian changed, and so became the late Carboniferous Petrolacosaurus our new ancestor. Petrolacosaurus flourished in the swamp. But they are not alone, huge spiders, like Mesoepelae a spider the size of a human head, is hunting, with giant dragonflies and millipede relative, Arthopleura so Petrolacosaurus run, and Petrolacosaurus had outrun even thunder, and dragonflies of the middle Carboniferous, so our ancestors became extinct because they evolve, to the size of 3-4m (12ft) and became giant reptiles of fear in the Early Permian periods.


Ordovician to Silurian for a 100million years 418mya

Time to tell the story of titans………………

Giant sea scorpions ruled the Earth, and our ancestor Hycopyistes has evolved into cephelasphis and sea scorpions are now hunting our ancestor, so,but, Cephalasphis a fish, was swimming faster than scorpions such as Pterygotus the titans of sea scorpions, and Cephalasphis will swim more than 24mph (50 or sokm/h) and a sea scorpion can only run on the seabed at 8mph (15km/h). But, our ancestor, is still fish, so, they must cross a line of rock, from the sea, to the river, to mate and lay their eggs. So sea scorpions like Brontoscorpio have a chance to sting them to death. But nevertheless our ancestors didn’t became extinct, soon they won’t be such soft targets, evulution starts to give them weapons to fight back.

Now our ancestors have became a amphibian in the Devonian times, called Hynerpeton they have teeth, but there are carnivrous fish….. Hynerpeton are just 1and a half meters (5ft) bigger than amphibians alive today, but the predatory fish is far bigger……………. So are you afraid of them? They lurk in the rivers and pools, but, Hynerpeton also has to go in to avoid dried up, because it’s a amphibian and amphibians need water to aviod being dried up.
Our ancestors continued to flourished.

Cambrian period: 552mya-490mya

Trilobites crawled the seas in the Cambrian Anomacalrias lived the the Mid-Cambrian period, 530million years ago, and (our ancestor) Hycoyisterus has appeared, it is the earliest fish, but they must survive the first superpredator sea, the sea along with Trilobites, and some placordens. Now evulution starts to give them weapons to fight back, because Cambrian has such little creatures that we cannot type too much in our blogs.

Now evulution, our ancestor fish has became a ancestor of humans. Trilobites continued to trive in the Ordovician, and trilobites became extinct with sea scorpions in the Silurian periods, about 418 million years now, giant sea scorpions ruled the Earth. It will be time for the giant euriptyeds……………………

Precambrian Period 4,200mya-552mya

The first life evolved in the Pre-cambrian

period. Trilobites lived at a astonishing 552mya.

To the very first traces of life, 3.2-1.4billion years ago.

So much life evolved, because 4billion years ago, Theia another planet,

smashed into earth, and the 2 planets fused, creating a brand new world.

Our world even today, Theia lies right beneath our feet.

And slowly our oceans formed during 3.8billion years ago.

Try thinking you’re life in the Pre-cambrian time, so much comets

smashed into Earth.  Comets stopped smashing by 3 billion years ago.

Earth is so old, 4.6billion years old, the more than a thousand

animals maybe, have not been discovered.

If Earth was not smashed by Theia, there will be no life,

and luckily theia smashed into earth.

Trilobites appeared at the end of the Precambrian period.

Trilobites are the first animals with skeletons

Slowly Precambrian, ends, Cambrian continues.

This is what we are looking at in the next period.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is around 4.5billion years old.

Evolution of life had been discovered, rocks containing them are

more than 3.2billion years old. Trilobites first evolved 550mya.

The Early Cambrian starts 552mya. MYA means (million years ago).

A trilobite is like a giant relative of woodlouse. Some are

just a millimeters, to some are as big as a man. Later sharks evolved.

. Pre-cambrian

. Cambrian




. Carboniferous



the age of the dinosaurs (161my) (Million years).

Coelophysis is a type of theropod dinosaur.

Coelophysis is the first dinosaur,

later with giants, like Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Seismosaurus, Camarasaurus

are all the giant sauropods of the Jurassic period, middle of the dinosaurs, 145MYA.

Cretaceous are home to giant theropods like the 12-13m T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex

are so huge, that they can tackle the biggest ceraptosians and hadrosaurs.

Later the K-T mass extinction wiped out 65% of all life, because

a comet struck the gulf of Mexico with the force of 10 billion Hiroshima Bombs.

The dinosaurs vanished, by the blast front, 90% of plants and trees is extinct.

Mammals during the Cretaceous survived the birds survived, and they evolved into huge sizes.

4 mya Homo habilis (our ancestor) appeared.     10,000years ago, morden humans, ourselves