Planet Earth

Planet Earth is around 4.5billion years old.

Evolution of life had been discovered, rocks containing them are

more than 3.2billion years old. Trilobites first evolved 550mya.

The Early Cambrian starts 552mya. MYA means (million years ago).

A trilobite is like a giant relative of woodlouse. Some are

just a millimeters, to some are as big as a man. Later sharks evolved.

. Pre-cambrian

. Cambrian




. Carboniferous



the age of the dinosaurs (161my) (Million years).

Coelophysis is a type of theropod dinosaur.

Coelophysis is the first dinosaur,

later with giants, like Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, Seismosaurus, Camarasaurus

are all the giant sauropods of the Jurassic period, middle of the dinosaurs, 145MYA.

Cretaceous are home to giant theropods like the 12-13m T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex

are so huge, that they can tackle the biggest ceraptosians and hadrosaurs.

Later the K-T mass extinction wiped out 65% of all life, because

a comet struck the gulf of Mexico with the force of 10 billion Hiroshima Bombs.

The dinosaurs vanished, by the blast front, 90% of plants and trees is extinct.

Mammals during the Cretaceous survived the birds survived, and they evolved into huge sizes.

4 mya Homo habilis (our ancestor) appeared.     10,000years ago, morden humans, ourselves



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