Cambrian period: 552mya-490mya

Trilobites crawled the seas in the Cambrian Anomacalrias lived the the Mid-Cambrian period, 530million years ago, and (our ancestor) Hycoyisterus has appeared, it is the earliest fish, but they must survive the first superpredator sea, the sea along with Trilobites, and some placordens. Now evulution starts to give them weapons to fight back, because Cambrian has such little creatures that we cannot type too much in our blogs.

Now evulution, our ancestor fish has became a ancestor of humans. Trilobites continued to trive in the Ordovician, and trilobites became extinct with sea scorpions in the Silurian periods, about 418 million years now, giant sea scorpions ruled the Earth. It will be time for the giant euriptyeds……………………


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