Devonian to late Carboniferous 300mya

Now, Our ancestor Hynerpeton are about to face one of the most challenging things, to escape Hyneria a five (5) meter long carnivrous fish. Face to face with one or two in a lake. They have to escape, but, but, but, they are slow, much slower than their ancestor fish also our ancestor, they run at 7mph, but there are now no sea scorpions, they are evolving on land, and are now small, 1inch, so it became our ancestor amphibian prey, hahaha! They were going to face a high oxygen time, and Devonian changed, and so became the late Carboniferous Petrolacosaurus our new ancestor. Petrolacosaurus flourished in the swamp. But they are not alone, huge spiders, like Mesoepelae a spider the size of a human head, is hunting, with giant dragonflies and millipede relative, Arthopleura so Petrolacosaurus run, and Petrolacosaurus had outrun even thunder, and dragonflies of the middle Carboniferous, so our ancestors became extinct because they evolve, to the size of 3-4m (12ft) and became giant reptiles of fear in the Early Permian periods.


One thought on “Devonian to late Carboniferous 300mya

  1. Reading your articles is like reading a continuous fantasy story of monsters and creatures, surviving in an era full of fierce predators.

    But unlike fantasy stories, these creatures really exist!

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