Ordovician to Silurian for a 100million years 418mya

Time to tell the story of titans………………

Giant sea scorpions ruled the Earth, and our ancestor Hycopyistes has evolved into cephelasphis and sea scorpions are now hunting our ancestor, so,but, Cephalasphis a fish, was swimming faster than scorpions such as Pterygotus the titans of sea scorpions, and Cephalasphis will swim more than 24mph (50 or sokm/h) and a sea scorpion can only run on the seabed at 8mph (15km/h). But, our ancestor, is still fish, so, they must cross a line of rock, from the sea, to the river, to mate and lay their eggs. So sea scorpions like Brontoscorpio have a chance to sting them to death. But nevertheless our ancestors didn’t became extinct, soon they won’t be such soft targets, evulution starts to give them weapons to fight back.

Now our ancestors have became a amphibian in the Devonian times, called Hynerpeton they have teeth, but there are carnivrous fish….. Hynerpeton are just 1and a half meters (5ft) bigger than amphibians alive today, but the predatory fish is far bigger……………. So are you afraid of them? They lurk in the rivers and pools, but, Hynerpeton also has to go in to avoid dried up, because it’s a amphibian and amphibians need water to aviod being dried up.
Our ancestors continued to flourished.


2 thoughts on “Ordovician to Silurian for a 100million years 418mya

  1. Wow! very interesting. I keen to know what is the next evolution of our ancestors after amphibian. Are you going to write in your next posting?

  2. It’s really amazing how evolution works it’s wonder. I can’t wait to read the next chapter as well Brian. More excitement to come 🙂

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