Precambrian Period 4,200mya-552mya

The first life evolved in the Pre-cambrian

period. Trilobites lived at a astonishing 552mya.

To the very first traces of life, 3.2-1.4billion years ago.

So much life evolved, because 4billion years ago, Theia another planet,

smashed into earth, and the 2 planets fused, creating a brand new world.

Our world even today, Theia lies right beneath our feet.

And slowly our oceans formed during 3.8billion years ago.

Try thinking you’re life in the Pre-cambrian time, so much comets

smashed into Earth.  Comets stopped smashing by 3 billion years ago.

Earth is so old, 4.6billion years old, the more than a thousand

animals maybe, have not been discovered.

If Earth was not smashed by Theia, there will be no life,

and luckily theia smashed into earth.

Trilobites appeared at the end of the Precambrian period.

Trilobites are the first animals with skeletons

Slowly Precambrian, ends, Cambrian continues.

This is what we are looking at in the next period.


4 thoughts on “Precambrian Period 4,200mya-552mya

  1. This article is very educational Brian! I am learning so much from it.

    For example, terms like “Pre-cambrian”, “Trilobites” and “Theia”… And how “Theia” collided with earth and form life after that.

    I can’t wait to read your next article! Keep them coming please 😉

  2. This information is so erroneous. First of all Trilobites did not have a skeleton. They were arthopods, similar to roaches. They only had a crunchy exoskeleton, and they emerged from the sea because they were one of the only creatures that could stand the immense pressure of the earth with very low levels of oxygen and a thin atmosphere. The shell protected them.

    Secondly, Theia is only a hypothesis. Trilobites did not come from Theia if the planet ever actually existed, and the majority remnants of Theia would be the Moon. Rather, evolution is spurred by mass extinction. All geologists know is that a massive impact caused a great extinction on earth, and that there were many more opportunities for organisms to evolve and find new niches in their environments due to the massive realigning of the food chain. Also, comets did not stop smashing the earth – impact craters, sometimes the size of whole countries, are found all the time. Continents did not move simply because of impacts – Continents move because of shifts in the earths crust. The earth is a rocky heat machine, and the activities within the earth’s core translate to major changes in the crust, regardless of any impacts to the surface.

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