Mesozoic era, Triassic, Age of the dinosaurs, 220mya.

Wait, wait, Permian is coming to an end, with a extra at least, 5billion times the force, of Hiroshima Bombs.


This is the time of the first dinosaurs like Coelophysis a 3meter long carnivore, and specelives on hunting reptiles like Cynodonts. Cynodonts are closely related to mammals, but they are reptiles, so Coelophysis is a meat eater and normally eats baby cynodonts, because adults are 2 meters, too big, but the babies are just 1-3 inches long and make a temting target. But, Cynodonts take great care of their young, so it would be diffucult to kill the babies. Cynodonts are nourctonul and hunt at night. Coelophysis are diurnal and hunt at day-time. So, it would be diffucult to meet each other. Cynodonts like lichen burrows, and even the father, sticks close to the nest, he only hunts at night. Now a story of Postosuchus a giant six meter long carnivore, and eats Pleciras, they are closely realated to rhinos, so they are 4meters long, the Postosuchus bites its victim and waits for it to take affect. The Pleciras dies after 5 minutes, and the Postosuchus has an easy meal.

Even so, this is the dry season, and even the 2-ton mighty Postosuchus has to find plenty of water, the dry season is in the 9th month, and, but, the rains finally come. Coelophysis are fine, Cynodonts also, but the Postosuchus has no chance of finding food, its too late, the Postosuchus dies. But, now things are changing, some Plateosaurus had been drawend here to the swollen river, they are 2tons, or some are 4tons, and at 9 meters they are too big to be frightend. They are Prosauropods. And prosauropods are sometimes huge, but not this species, along the river, are some Lystrosaurus, a 1metre-3 feet long evolved from Diictodon and are our ancestor. Who face, a mighty journey over 200kilometers to find fresh food. And along the path, a Eupakeria, just 1 and a half feet long insect eater, is hunting they will become, the top predator of the next period, but now, they are small.

They will become Allosaurus, a 12meter (40feet) giant of the next period, the Jurassic, with giant sauropods, that is evolved from Prosauropods.


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