Permian period 285mya-245mya

It is the Late Carboniferous end, so oxygen that are in the Carboniferous atmosphere is starting to lost it, and all the giant bugs can’t survive the change, our ancestor, Petrolacosaurus evolved and became the 3meter long Edaphosaurus and that Early Permian Period was the world of giant reptiles, like Edaphosaurus so Edaphosaurus are hunted by the 5meter- Dimetrodon (a ferocious hunter with leathel sharp teeth).

Those, they can kill Edaphosaurus, but Dimetrodon was a fast runner, reaching speeds of 29mph(52km/’h) or so. Also, Edaphosaurus is so fast, the same speed of Dimetrodon, so, Dimetrodon must use all its stength to run at even faster- 31mph (55km/h). Dimetrodon is a formidable hunter, but………….

During nesting time July- Janury. eight months, so they store a lot of fat in their body, but, they are vulnerable to other male Dimetrodons.


In the late Permian, this is really hot and dry, perfect for reptiles, funny reptiles like Diictodon live in burrows to escape the heat of the day, surprisingly hot 59 degrees celsius, but, Diictodons hole will only be just 29-39 degrees celsius, so… they are keeping cool, they come out to the surface and pluck in grass to eat, and but, danger is out there somewhre, so they run into their burrow, a huge Gorgonobsid up to five (5) meters long is going to catch them, but they run into the burrow, it is hard and narrows, so, Diictodon is save, and Gorgonobsid retreats. One million years later a comet, smashed into the earth in the Late Permian, the same as in the Late Cretaceous, and….. wiped out 90% of all life on earth. And Diictodon, our ancestor, evolved, to……… in the Triassic…THE AGE OF THE DINOSAURS.


2 thoughts on “Permian period 285mya-245mya

  1. Scientist found two huge impact craters, one in Mexico, another one in Belize. This further proven that asteriod/comet collided with Earth about 65 million years ago killing of the dinosaurs and most of the species on Earth.

  2. Massive eruptions from magma lasting thousands of years, and ocean venting of hydrogen sulfide gas is believe to have wiped out 90~95% of life of the Permian–Triassic period.

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