Cretaceous Period- The End of the Dinosaurs

Cretaceous Period-   144mya-65mya.

This story will take you just 20 million years after the Jurassic Period.

It will take you to just 112mya to right at the end of the dinosaurs. For example like the Permian mass extinction, that wiped out 90% of life, this time more than half.


We will go back 65million years.

NORTH AMERICA                 75,000,000BC

It is the late Cretaceous and the biggest crocodile existed, Aulthough smaller than Phourosuchus a bit, Dienosuchus is 45feet long and weigh 8-9 tons (8,000-9,000kgs). It ate giant dinosaurs for breakfeast,lunch and dinner.           It feasts on giant hadrosaurs, like Parasaurolophus, a 37feet vegetarian. A common group in the late Cretaceous period. Normally weighing 3,000-4,600kilos (12,000lb).

It was also the home of Albertosaurus a 28-29feet (9.5m) giant theropod that hunted giant hadrosaurs. Albertosaurus weighed 6,000-7,000kilos a smaller cousin of T-REX, this giant predator lives in shore banks.

Another dinosaur, called Mononychus, a 6feet (1.78m) theropod, weighing 20-200kilos (50-500pounds).This dinosaur scavanged around beaches and shoreline forests, scavenging meat.

And at….

MONTANA               65,000,000BC

Three thousand kilometers to the south a massive comet crashes into Earth. IT fades in silence, then the shock waves arrive next, the blast front, 65% of all life died out, 90% of trees, and 82% of flowers.

The comet struck the Gulf of Mexico, near Merida, and with the force of 10billion Hiroshima bombs, the castrophic structure of Earth, most life died out, this is the end of the age of the dinosaurs.

Next time we will meet giant killer birds that replaced them.