Sea Monsters- A Prehistoric Adventure


National Geographic : Sea monsters a prehistoric adventure.

A life of a female Dolly Colincops

From 82Million Years for the first time.

Animals revelead are








Just imagine one thing in the shallows is a female dolly.                                     82Million years ago/82Mya

She gives birth to a male, and a female. The female and her brother will live alone. While Styxosaurus up to 35feet (12.2meters) catch fish, by their 5.2meter (17foot) neck. She and her brother found ammonites pumping water to swim. Swim too close, like the female will get an incky blow. But it is not put off by the young Platycarpus. They found a school of Ancoetus, a 6foot fish, meaning for the Dollys a perfect meal. She is now 7feet long,and one day, the season push them and the other Dollys into the Pacific Indian Ocean.

They are unaware of other giant predators. Meet Tosutoepheous a 30foot (9meter) (10yards) giant squid, too big to be attacked by the young Platycarpus. At night, the Ancoetus rest. But A school of Xinactinus chasing the Ancoetus, 17feet (5.2meter) Xiphactinus were enourmus. More than twice the size of a little female dolly.

Then a group of palentologists found a sharks tooth.

Crythohonia was enormous up to 20feet (6.07meters) the female and her brother are being wacthed, but is their mother that is the prey. ……….. Their mother is gone,but they join other Dolly groups.


Tylosaurus was really enourmus up to 30feet (9.15m) and the female Dolly is driven away by a meal of squid, one escapes, but she didn’t know she is in a path of a monster Tylosaur. She escapes, but her brother didn’t suit the danger coming. Snap! Her brother is gone.

The Tylosaur is being attacked by an older Tylosaur. It is attacked and killed.

She has seen the deaths of her brother and mother but she survived. One day she saw a couple of her opspring and one day she is too week by old age to continue the migration and fall to the bottom of the sea.

82MILLION YEARS Pass.  65MYA         50MYA                32MYA                         10MYA          7MYA               0


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