165million years ago , in the Jurassic Period, a giant lurks.

The largest animal for sure, Bruhathkayosaurus weighs 220tonnes and up to 144feet.

Some larger animals like Ameophelias Franggalimuns are too heavy to walk fast, even the sauropods. Sauropods are the largest land animals averaging around 90feet, some really encountered, like Saltasaurus grow to only 40feet (12m) but still very large for a human. Some super sized sauropods reached 145feet, but very rare. The largest of them all was Ameophelias 200feet and weighing 180tonnes (180,000kgs).

A tall sauropod, Sauropodseidon grows to 66feet (20meters long, and up to a amazing 18meters (60feet) high), and can feed at the top of branches. The macoraina family consits of Brachiosaurids and Camarasaurids, very heavy 30 tonnes plus.


Brachiosaurus       20tonnes plus         Meduim

Girraffatitan           35tonnes                Large

Sauropodseidon       50tonnes              Large

Lousititan            up to 50tonnes          Large

Camarasaurus          less than 20tonnes   Small

Patagosaurus         up to 25tonnes         Meduim to Large


Diplodocus              more than 100feet     Very Large

Seismosaurus         more than 125feet       Extremly Large

Supersaurus            98feet                        Large

Brachtyosaurus      30feet                           Small

Ebrontosaurus         70feet                        Meduim


Bruhathkayosaurus    160foot              Largest Dinosaur #2

Ameophelias (Diplodocid)  200foot       The Longest dinosaur of all time

Phwangosaurus            90feet              Large

Agustina                    65feet                   Meduim

Now, the comet struck the Gulf of Mexico, end for the Titanosaurids



  1. Bruhathkayosaurus was never officially designated as the largest animal ever as the remains were never properly described or examined. in fact its remains have even been said to be that of a bipedal predetor

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