Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165million years.

Dinosaurs are the most suecussful creatures on the planet.

They addapt eat a veriaty of foods, and evolve into many shapes and sizes,

here are the list of the family.


Smallest –

Comsognathus THEROPOD


Shantosaurus          The Duckbills

T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus- CARNOSAURS

Carnotaurs- CARNOSAURS

Brachiosaurus-   SAuropod

Diplodocus and Bruhatkayosaurus – Sauropoda- Titanosaurid and Diplodocid

Phawangosaurus , Agustina and Cedarosaurus  – The sauropods, Titanosauridae and Brachiosauridae

Girraffatitan Branchai and brachiosaurus Alithorax- Sauropoda, Brachiosauridae

Argaosaurus – Cetiosauridae

Saltasaurus- Sauropoda- Titanosauridae

Camarasaurus- Camarasauridae, and Sauropods

Cetiosaurus – Cetiosauridae

Barosaurus- Diplodocid

Ebrontosaurus- Diplodocid

Triceratops- Centrosauridae

K-T Mass Extinction event.

Some are carnivores, Others eat meat, dinosaurs evolved into 35+ groups, 900species, and more than a hundred shapes and sizes


Sauropods- Largest-more than 79feet +

Theropods – Meduim- smaller than 50feet-

Dinosaurs lived in every continent.

And adapted in every region, even the poles.


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