Sauropoda- Dinosauria-Animalia

Sauropods, the largest land animals, lived between 160-about 65.5mya). During the K-t event huge herds of sauropods dominate the earth.

——During The Triassic , Prosauropods evolved, they were less than 25feet———

——During The Jurassic giant sauropods like Diplodocus evolved, more than 100feet———-

——Reaching a peak in the Late Cretaceous, the largest dinosaurs evolved, even the largest animals ever——–

This story will take you back 190million years.

–    198my bc – The last of the prosauropods perished, and small sauropods evolved.  About 170million years ago, the small sauropods evolved to be meduim sized compared to their giant relatives. They dominate the land. About 145million years ago- At the End Of The Jurassic period, vast herds of diplodocus evolved. And the biggest dinosaur in weight and height- Brachiosaurus. Even in the Early Cretaceous, Titanosaurids evolved, along with small feathered dinosaurs Microraptor. At 100million years bc, vast herds evolved, Called Argentinosaurs they can be seen clearly from 290feet above. These herds are 1,900feet long, each old one is up to 35meters (115feet) long. Weighing 92.3 tonnes. At the Mids cretaceous, meduim sauropods like Agustina evolved.  After that, they will evolve into the largest animals ever. To touch the earth.

It is Bruhathkayosaurus- 175feet and 220tonnes. It was extinct during the K-t Along with all the dinosaurs in the Late Cretaceous……………………………………………………………………….


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