My New Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

Golden Tree Frog

This is my new golden tree frog.

This is a on a leaf, its my pet. It has worms and crickets for food.

The golden tree frogs adult length is 2 inches. This one not yet reach adulthood. It jumps 7 feet in one leap.

Whooo-woo, we have a good habitat with moss and we spray the habitat, and put a bowl of water for it.


Unknown Toad

Malaysian Toad

Malaysia toad

unknown toad

weird toad

toad from wild

We found this toad near our house. This toad was found in a bucket. The bucket is about 3 feet (100cm) deep. And the toad was about 2 inches to 3 inches long, equivalent to 5 to 7.5cm.

This small creature was mistaken for a snake at first, because it’s tiny body is very similar to a snake’s head. This toad can burrow up to 2 feet deep. It can jump over 7 inches per second. We captured it back home. We released it back to the wild the next day.