This snail moves at 0.1km (0.06mph).

This snail is 2-4in (5-10centimeters).

This snail is climbing a tree. It eats 0.09kg of food / day. Snail can push down their body to drop off the tree. Like leap, they can jump down to over 66ft (20m).

Hay I am a slow guy. I want to drop down the tree. Toppppppppppppp!


Fire Ants


These are fire ants. In a nest it can be 500-1,200 ants.

Do you know that ants can travel about 60ft or sometimes 60km ( 47sq miles )?

Snail Collecting

This morning, I saw 22 snails but I caught 18 of them. The other 4 are sick or death or in the bushes, I can’t get in.

I collect 4 of them and 18 I never collect. I put some leaves in the container, they really eat leaves. These leaves are snail’s favorite food! The snails was 2-3 inches long.

Snails use long tongue call radulas to eat.