Fun In Cherating Beach

I went to Cherating beach during Chinese New Year holiday.

This is a beautiful beach at east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

I have fun with Hui Yee and so many Hermit Crabs. I have collected more than one hundred of them. At last we released them back to the sea.


Beaufort Scale.


The Beaufort Scale is devised by Admiral Beaufort of the British Royal Navy.

0. Calm

1. Light Air

2. Light Breeze

3. Gentle Breeze

4. Moderate Breeze

5. Fresh Breeze

6. Strong Breeze

7. Moderate Gale

8. Fresh Gale

9. Strong Gale

10. Storm

11. Violent Storm

12. Hurricane.

When the weatherperson says force” 9”on the Beaufort Scale you know they mean a Strong Gale.

Hurricanes can pull up trees.

Facts At Your Fingertips

Interesting facts

1.Did you know that the blue whales tongued can weigh a amazing 4 tonnes?

2. Did you know that the whale shark is the largest fish?

3. Did you know that human tape worms can grow to 20 meters (66feet)?

4. Did you know that worm snakes grow to only 7inches long?

5. Did you know that the Reticulated Python is the longest snake in the world?

6. Did you know that the Earth weight 6,000 million, million, million tonnes.

7. Did you know that the Peregrine falcon dives can exceed 200milies an hour (312kph)?

8. Did you know that the Anaconda is the largest snake?

9. Did you know that the smallest venomous snake is the western Black Headed snake, which only grows to 8inches long?

10. Did you know that some thread snakes eat termites and ants?

11. Did you know that the Black Mamba can move at speeds of up to 18mph (24kph)?

12. Did you know that Gaboon and Puff Adder has 2 inch (5cm) fangs.

13. Did you know that bull elephants can weight 8tonnes?

14. Did you know that the Fin Whale is the second largest whale.

15. Did you know that the killer Whale can swim up to 55kph.

16. Did you know that the Artic Giant Jellyfish can grow to a length of 115feet ?

17. Did you know that the Green tree python lives in trees?

18. Did you know that the Black Mamba is the fastest snake?

19. Did you know that Sidewinders move at speeds of 16kph?

20. Did you know that giant snakes also lived underground?

21. Did you know that Pronghorn Antelopes can run at a speed of 88kph

22. Did you know that one farmer cut off his chickens head, then over 18 months only the chick die?

23. Did you know that the whale Shark is 28-39 times the size of humans?

24. Did you know that Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes weigh only 8kilograms (15lb).

25. Did you know that there are stories of 200 foot anacondas from Amazon?

26. Did you know that there is a species of elephant called “Marine Elephant”?

27. Did you know that the Green Tree Python almost never come to the ground?

28. Did you know that Emerald Tree Boas don’t come to the surface of the ground?

29. Did you know that the Rat Snake can grow to 375cm?

30. Did you know that the green mamba can be called to “boomslang” because 2 are them is green?

31. Did you know that the Puff Adder can strike 20 feet per second?

32. Did you know that the Gaboon Viper can also strike 20feet per second?

Indonesia Wildlife

Indonesia is filled by giant bats. The bat’s wingspan is over 5 ½ ft ( 1.65m ). And every night they travel 40miles ( 78 km ) searching for food.

The bat’s are called Flying Foxes in the air.




And the Komodo Island, to find the Komodo Dragon. The Komodo Dragon can grow to 11ft ( 3.5m ) long. And weight to a hundred kilograms. They eat deer, buffalo, pigs, human and sometimes eat Hatchlings or Juvenile Dragons.

And you could also find the King cobra ( World’s Longest Venomous Snake ). The King Cobra can grow to a length of 20ft ( 6m ) long.